Russian wheat upside capped by softening fundamentals

Russian 12.5% protein wheat is likely to move sideways in the next weeks as soft fundamentals cap its recent price surge. A well supplied market, offering between 150,000 to 200,000 mt of wheat on the prompt, […]

Sugar production in Maharashtra

Another key producer, was at 2.90 mln tn, higher than 2.57 mln tn a year ago. 178 mills were operational in the western state, compared with 176 a year ago. “Average sugar recovery (in Maharashtra) achieved […]

mustard seed prices rise on improved buys

Prices of mustard seed in Jaipur edged higher due to improved demand from crushing plants. the oilseed sold for 4,180-4,185 rupees per 100 kg. 5-10 rupees higher than previous closing. Arrivals were pegged steady at 125,000 […]

Onion down in Delhi on high supply

Onion prices in Delhi fell due to subdued demand from stockists as arrivals rose considerably. the commodity was sold at 600-900 rupees per 100 kg, down 20-30 rupees from previous closing. Arrivals were pegged at 70 […]

mustard seed prices down

mustard seed prices down on subdued demand. Mustard seed prices in the key spot market of Jaipur fell due to lower demand from crushing plants and meal exporters, the oilseed sold for 4,170-4,175 rupees per 100 […]

soybean gains on firm meal export demand.

Soybean futures edged higher due to improved demand from soymeal exporters, Traders see India’s soymeal exports growing due to rising demand from Iran. active January soybean contract on the domestic bourse was 0.3% higher at 3,373 […]

Sugar output hits 70 lakh tonnes

Over 70.5 lakh tonnes of sugar have been produced till December against 69 lt during the corresponding period of the previous sugar season. where 178 mills are in operation, produced 29 lt, which is 3.30 lt […]

Oilmeal exporters look to tap into Chinese market

Even as the trade truce between US and China appears to fallin place , the Indian oilmeal exporters have still kept high hopes from the Chinese market, which was projected to absorb about 2.5 million tonnes […]

China purchases unknown quantities of US soybeans

Soybean traders are reporting that China is purchasing “unknown quantities” of soybeans. The purchased come on the back of reported sales of 1.1 3 million metric tons previous days and another 300,000 metric tons on previous […]

Cyclonic rains damage paddy.

Across Telangana & Andhra Pradesh. Unseasonal rainfall caused by cyclone Pethai has left farmers in a quandary. Paddy crop in 7,316 hectares under water in AP. Paddy farmers were distraught after their crop which was nearing […]

Rice prices still high.

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas expects the country’s inflation rate in 2019 and 2020 to hit 3.18 percent and 3.04 percent, respectively. As of the first week of December, the average price of regular-milled and well-milled […]

China is buying soybeans again but..

Trump is still paying farmers hurt by tariffs. Soybean growers have been hit especially hard. China, their biggest foreign market, stopped buying US soybeans in July in retaliation for new American tariffs. But China placed a […]