China purchases unknown quantities of US soybeans

Soybean traders are reporting that China is purchasing “unknown quantities” of soybeans. The purchased come on the back of reported sales of 1.1 3 million metric tons previous days and another 300,000 metric tons on previous […]

Cyclonic rains damage paddy.

Across Telangana & Andhra Pradesh. Unseasonal rainfall caused by cyclone Pethai has left farmers in a quandary. Paddy crop in 7,316 hectares under water in AP. Paddy farmers were distraught after their crop which was nearing […]

Rice prices still high.

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas expects the country’s inflation rate in 2019 and 2020 to hit 3.18 percent and 3.04 percent, respectively. As of the first week of December, the average price of regular-milled and well-milled […]

China is buying soybeans again but..

Trump is still paying farmers hurt by tariffs. Soybean growers have been hit especially hard. China, their biggest foreign market, stopped buying US soybeans in July in retaliation for new American tariffs. But China placed a […]

India Spot maize up on better buys.

In Davangere, Karnataka, prices of the coarse grain rose by 50 rupees to 1,700 rupees per 100 kg. Strong demand from poultry and feed industry for good-quality crop, while arrivals declined, supported prices. Arrivals of maize […]

India Spot wheat down on high arrivals.

Prices of wheat fell in key spot markets due to higher arrivals and subdued demand. In Kota, Rajasthan, the mill-quality wheat was sold at 1,950-2,000 rupees per 100 kg, down 20-25 rupees. Arrivals in Kota doubled […]

Rabi urad area down 11% YoY at 425,700 ha.

Farmers in the country had sown rabi urad across 425,700 ha, down 11% on year. At 425,700 ha, area under the crop is also lower than the five-year average of 465,900 ha for the period. Sowing […]

Weather in Argentina remains Unpredictable

The weather in Argentina continues to be uncertain going from one extreme to another. After very heavy rains earlier in November, the weather has been on the dry side for the last 2-3 weeks. They also […]