Canadian dry peas production down by 9%:AAFC

For 2018-19 , production in Canada is estimated to decrease by 9% to 3.7 million tonnes (Mt) as lower harvested area, particularly in Alberta, was partly offset by higher yields. Alberta and Saskatchewan are each expected to account for 1.8 Mt of the dry pea production, with the remainder of the production in Manitoba, British Columbia and Eastern Canada. Supply is expected to be similar to last year at 4.4 Mt. Exports are forecast to decrease to 2.8 Mt, with China, the US and Bangladesh expected to be Canada’s top three markets. Carry-out stocks are forecast to rise despite expectations for a rise in domestic use. The average price is expected to be lower than 2017-18, particularly for yellow pea types.

During the month of September, Saskatchewan green and yellow pea farmgate prices rose $15/t each. Green dry peas prices are currently at a $65/t premium to yellow dry peas compared to last year when green pea prices were a $40/t premium to yellow peas.

Source: AAFC

Commodity Unit/Period Dry Peas
Crop Year  August-July 2016-2017  2017-2018  2018-2019f
Seeded Area Thousand Hectares 1733 1656 1462
Harvested Area Thousand Hectares 1677 1642 1428
Yield Tonnes Per Hectares 2.88 2.5 2.62
Production Thousand Tonnes 4836 4112 3735
Imports Thousand Tonnes 32 12 15
Total Supply Thousand Tonnes 5041 4424 4400
Exports Thousand Tonnes 3944 3083 2800
Total Domestic Use Thousand Tonnes 798 690 900
Carry-out Stocks Thousand Tonnes 300 650 700
Stocks-to-Use Ratio % 6 17 19
Average Price ($/t) 300 265 230-260