Canadian lentils production down by 13%:AAFC

For   2018-19 , despite higher yields, production is estimated to decrease by 13% to 2.2 Mt due to lower harvested area. However, the production of large green lentils is forecast to be higher than last year at 0.7 Mt while the production of red lentils is expected to be lower than last year at 1.2 Mt. Production of the other remaining lentil types is expected to be higher than last year at nearly 0.3 Mt.

Supply, however, is expected to increase by 8% due to large carry-in stocks. Exports are expected to rise to 1.9 Mt, with Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, and the EU expected to remain the top three export markets. Domestic use is forecast to be the same as last year. Carry-out stocks are forecast to be lower than the previous year. The overall average price is forecast to be lower than 2017-18. Harvest reports suggest a much higher No.1 and No.2 grade distribution than in 2017-18. Large green lentil prices are forecast to have a smaller premium over red lentil prices than last year.


Commodity Unit/Period Lentils
Crop Year  August-July 2016-2017  2017-2018  2018-2019f
Seeded Area Thousand Hectares 2254 1783 1525
Harvested Area Thousand Hectares 2221 1774 1508
Yield Tonnes Per Hectares 1.44 1.44 1.48
Production Thousand Tonnes 3194 2558 2229
Imports Thousand Tonnes 98 35 35
Total Supply Thousand Tonnes 3365 2908 3140
Exports Thousand Tonnes 2455 1537 1900
Total Domestic Use Thousand Tonnes 595 495 490
Carry-out Stocks Thousand Tonnes 315 876 750
Stocks-to-Use Ratio % 10 43 31
Average Price ($/t) 575 475 350-380