India Weather & Kharif crop planting

India weather, favourable rains continued over major crop-growing regions of Marathwada, Telangana and Coastal AP which is very beneficial for standing Kharif crops in that region. These beneficial rains are continuing over Marathwada, North Karnataka and Rayalaseema which completely eased down the dryness concern from the region. However, Gujarat region may remain dry. Next week forecast further indicating good rains over significant parts of Gujarat, Maharashtra, MP & South India which will be more beneficial for the progress of the crop.

Kharif crop sowing is 92.5 million ha completed compared to 94 million ha as on 10th Aug 2018, down by 2% from last year, same as last week’s crop progress, rain deficit in a significant part of the country slightly decreasing after scanty rainfall last week in major crops growing regions. Currently, in the country rain deficit 7% from 9% in the previous week, and it considered normal monsoon till date. Central India rains deficit by 7% deficit (cumulative) from the beginning of the season due to good rains at the start of the monsoon season.

Rains also slightly improved in the eastern part of the country due to low pressure is over North Odisha and South Jharkhand.  Bihar will see the light to moderate rains with isolated heavy showers over South Jharkhand. Eastern part of the country still deficit by 27%. However, Kharif crop prospects are same as last week, other than oilseeds planting all additional Kharif crop planting is lower than last year and from our expectations for this Kharif season. However, improving rains will be beneficial for coming Rabi crop season (winter season).