Maize market is a replica of the report as Wednesday.

Maize market is a replica of the report as of Wednesday,

no major changes in prices and arrivals in the market. Product Margins for Wet corn millers and poultry processors continue to remain positive which is really a good sight considering the covid impact in the I half of 2020. Broiler prices are over 100 Rs/kg in the retail market and egg prices are over 5/- per piece which indicates a positive impact for the processors. Destination level prices are as below

Tamil Nadu :- Trucks 1550-1600,

Bangalore :- Trucks 1480-1500

Hyderabad :- trucks 1520-1560

Bihar :- 1430-1630 (Good Quality).

North :- 1540-1560

Sangli    : -1475-1500

Ahmedabad :- 1500-1525

Port Vizag/Kptm :- 1500-1530, same levels heard for Mumbai as well.

Exchange :-

No trades, nothing to report.

International Market :-

Markets continue to pray for rains in South America which are just not showing up, weather experts suggest even if there are timely rains the damage is probably done to the crop, only things rains can do is save it from more damage. This will be very critical for Corn and Beans as well. Sources estimate Chinese corn buying to resume in the month of Jan which would then lead to entire new dimension for the supply chain and prices in general. With Russian govt plan/implement wheat tax there has bound to be an impact on corn too. All variables moving as of now. Chicago contract is trading at 426 cents/bushel trading 1 cent lower from yesterday’s closing. Bangladesh Contract execution will be a real challenge by rakes and road as Railways have induced quota for Gour Malda and are allotting lower rakes for Grains and oilseeds for Bangladesh.