Maize spot demand continues

Spot demand continues, MP local prices moved up today for local processors by 30-50/- qtl, Bihar market prices for better quality cargoes continues to rise in the markets, Bangladesh loading slow but going on, markets enquiring for forward contract trades the activity is expected to come into the market in the next week or so. Destination market prices are as below

Tamil Nadu :- Trucks 1530-1600,

Bangalore :- Trucks 1500-20

Hyderabad :- trucks 1520-1550

Ahmedabad :- 1370-80/1410-15 (super quality cargo buying)

Bihar :- 1400 (Good Quality) Average 1270 Rail head. High FD 1100-1120.

North :- 1300-1400/1500 (average to best to absolute best quality prices ) cargo for Haryana/Punjab

Sangli    : -1400-1420/ Grit quality 1480-1500.


The news today is all about the big Telangana tender. We hear 11 bids received with the highest bids being at 1130.

Exchange :-

No Trades, nothing to report.

International Market :-

Cbot dec contract trading at 363 cents/bushel down 3 cents, physical markets yet to react to the lower values on the board. No offers from Brazil heard, Argentina is having currency issues and US looks sold out for the moment. All in all we have interesting times ahead.


Sensex and Nifty

Sensex and Nifty traded volatile today and closed lower @ 37932 and 11222 by 8 and 5 points respectively. Rupee closed at 73.47 versus 73.75 of the previous day.

Weather :-

All clear weather for the maize growing regions, no rains for the next week or so. Good time for the crop harvesting.