MP maize market sees yesterday arrivals of 4-5k chindwara mandi 1.1.5k mt

MP market sees arrivals of 4-5k chindwara mandi 1.1.5k mt and other region all put together at 4-5k. Cargoes coming in are moving to warehouses for stocking purpose. Ready processing demand is steady and buyers are taking their time to make required purchases. Telangana govt has purchased about 50k Mt this kharif season and what will be their move for Rabi is yet to know as they are asking farmers to hold sowing of maize in Telangana.

Cargoes are being traded per natural trade flow, Maharashtra is trading locally and to some parts of Gujarat, Karnataka locally and TN, MP-Cg for local and North Markets and East is largely being catered by stocks and Orissa.

Prices largely unchanged and are at levels below

Tamil Nadu :- Trucks 1550-1600,

Bangalore :- Trucks 1480-1500

Hyderabad :- trucks 1520-1560

Bihar :- 1430-1630 (Good Quality).

North :- 1540-1560

Sangli    : -1475-1500

Exchange :-

Nothing to report. No trades on the exchange.

International Market :-

SOAM Weather story is the next trigger for the markets, Some Argentine Experts are predicting lower crop than the usda and Brazil local values are higher, so we see very little trade movement from Brazil till July/Aug 2021, for now Argentina and US are the two preferred origins for world markets for corn. Cbot futures values are 421 cents/bushel and markets continue to await next triggers.