NCDEX marks 3,860 tn cotton oilcake for delivery.

NCDEX marked 3,860 tn of cottonseed oilcake, 2,510 tn of soybean, 2,390 tn of chana and 1,830 tn of mustard seed for staggered delivery in the May contract. The exchange also marked 730 tn of guar seed, 510 tn of coriander, 240 tn of wheat, 190 tn of castor seed, 80 tn barley, 40 tn guar gum, and 12 tn of jeera for delivery. The May series of these commodities will expire on May 18. Under the staggered delivery mechanism, sellers can indicate their delivery intention to the exchange during the tender period, which is 10 days before the contract expires.