SEA sees 2017-18 mustard output down 3.8%

India’s mustard output in 2017-18 (Jul-Jun) is estimated to decline 3.8% on year to 6.33 mln tn. The mustard output figure does not include toria and taramira varieties. The production of the two varieties is estimated at 150,000 tn. Likely lower output in Rajasthan is seen pulling down overall mustard production. Farmers shifting to lucrative crops such as chana and wheat led to a drop in the acreage, resulting in lower output. India’s carryover stock of mustard seed at the end of February is seen at 0.4-1.0 mln tn, higher than 0.2 mln tn a year ago, mainly due to disparity in crushing of the oilseed for meal and oil.