Soybean NCDEX Krishi Index

Soybean NCDEX Krishi Index, or NKrishi, fell 31.68 points to 3563.10 points due to a fall in soybean, castor seed. NCDEX Krishi is a value-weighted index computed real-time using the near-month prices of the 10 most-liquid commodity futures. The components and their weights are rebalanced every quarter. Currently, soybean carries a weight of 24%, followed by chana at 17%, guar seed at 16%, mustard seed at 12%, and castor seed at 11%. Cottonseed oilcake, coriander, jeera, turmeric, and barley are other components of the index.

Refined soy oil contracts on the NCDEX and crude palm oil on the Multi Commodity Exchange of India, on the other hand, rose due to a rise in demand in wholesale markets. Higher vegetable oil imports and weakness in key crude palm oil contracts on the Bursa Malaysia Derivatives, however, capped any sharp rise. Futures contracts of crude palm oil ended lower on the Malaysian bourse as the ringgit rose against the dollar