Barley prices rise in Jaipur on stockists’ demand

Prices of barley rose in Jaipur, Rajasthan, due to improved demand from domestic stockists amid shrinking supplies of the grain. Rising demand from malt industries also supported prices. Despite peak arrival season, supplies have declined because farmers are holding the produce in anticipation of a further rise in prices.

Shrinking supply lifts barley to 3-wk high in Jaipur

Prices of barley hit a three-week high in Jaipur, Rajasthan, due to shrinking supply along with improved demand from stockists and poultry feed companies. Supplies have declined as farmers hold back their produce expecting a further rise in prices.

Barley prices at 1-week high in Jaipur on low supply.

Prices of barley hit a one-week high in the benchmark market of Jaipur due to a fall in arrivals and improved demand from stockists. Demand from poultry feed industries also supported prices of the commodity. Subdued demand from malt manufacturing companies and imports of the coarse grain from Argentina, however, capped gains in prices.

Jaipur barley up on low supply despite peak season

Prices of barley rose in Jaipur, the benchmark market, due to a fall in arrivals despite its peak season. Supplies have declined because farmers are holding back their produce on expectation of a further rise in prices. However, weak demand from malt industries capped gains.

NCDEX barley up 1% as supplies seen falling

Barley contracts on the NCDEX rose over 1% because a likely fall in output is expected to lead to a decline in supplies. The most-active May contract on the NCDEX was up 1.1%. The landed price of barley is higher than the domestic rate which is encouraging buyers to procure from local market amid lower output of the grain this season.

Source says 85,000 tn Argentina barley arrived at Mundra port on Sat

About 85,000 tn of barley from Argentina arrived at the Mundra Port in Gujarat. The commodity has been contracted at $215 a tn, on cost-and-freight basis. Of the 85,000 tn barley, about 40,000 tn has been bought by Gurugram-based The Malt Co (India) Pvt Ltd, 20,000 tn by Haryana-based Barmalt Malting India Ltd, and the rest by SABMiller India. This is the second shipment of the grain and a total of 145,000 tn has been imported from Argentina since January. Traders estimate that barley output in 2017-18 (Jul-Jun) is likely to be at 1.0-1.1 mln tn, compared with 1.6 mln tn in 2016-17

Bulgaria keeps reducing barley acreage

Similar to other Black Sea countries, spring planting in Bulgaria lags far behind last year due to its delayed start. So, as of March 29, 2018, corn for grain had been sown on 0.5 Th ha versus 14.3 Th ha by the same date in 2017. Spring barley was planted on an area of 0.3 Th ha (2.3 Th ha in 2017). Feed pea plantings already reach 4.3 Th ha (20.0 Th ha) with those of oats totaling 1.1 Th ha (5.4 Th ha).

Saudi Arabia buys 1 million mt of barley, pays 2.4% more

Saudi Arabia’s state grain buyer SAGO bought 1.02 million mt of barley at tender, paying 2.4% more than at its previous tender five weeks ago. SAGO paid an average $249.23/mt for seventeen 60,000 mt cargoes to be delivered into ports on the Red Sea and Gulf between mid-May and the end of June. The price paid shows the rally in global barley prices of late on the back of tightening supply, with SAGO paying an average $243.47/mt CFR for 960,000 mt at its previous tender in mid-February. With prices ranging from $238.47-$257.47/mt.

Turkey stepped up Ukrainian barley imports by 26%

Ukrainian exporters supplied 4.01 MMT of barley to foreign markets in the first eight months of the current marketing year that is 14% less than at the same time last season (4.67 MMT in July-February 2016/17). February barley exports were 53% less than in the previous month and down 67% on the year (201.9 KMT was shipped abroad in February 2017). The top importers of Ukrainian barley included Saudi Arabia, China, the European Union and Libya. The share of Turkey continues growing. Ukraine supplied over 167 KMT of barley to this market at the time, i.e. 26% more than for the entire last season.

Barley prices dn in Jaipur as new crop supply rises

Prices of barley fell in Jaipur due to a rise in arrivals of the new crop along with sluggish demand from domestic stockists and malt industries. Demand from malt industries is weak as they have already procured imported barley, thereby restricting demand for the domestic grain.

Barley in Jaipur over 2-yr low as new crop supply up

Prices of barley in Jaipur, the benchmark market in Rajasthan, hit an over two-year low down 25 rupees, due to rising arrivals of the new crop. Subdued demand from malt industries and domestic stockists, also weighed on barley prices. The demand for domestic barley is subdued, because stockists have already procured imported barley.

NCDEX barley up on improved demand from feed sector

Futures contracts of barley on the NCDEX rose due to improved demand from the poultry feed industry. On NCDEX, the most active April contract was up 0.57%. A rise in prices of barley at the spot market in Jaipur, the benchmark market, also supported prices on the bourse.

NCDEX barley down tailing benchmark spot market

Futures contract of barley fell on the NCDEX due to lower prices of the grain in Jaipur, the benchmark market in Rajasthan. On NCDEX, the most-active April contract was at 1,430 rupees per 100 kg, down 0.59%. Stockists have raised the demand for imported barley, which is cheaper and of better quality.