Tur prices dn in Akola on weak demand from millers.

Prices of tur fell in the benchmark market of Akola due to subdued demand from dal millers. Uncertainty over the government’s decision to procure additional tur is also seen weighing on prices. In Akola, tur was sold at 3,800 rupees per 100 kg, down 50 rupees from while arrivals unchanged at 1,500-2,000 bags (1 bag = 100 kg).

Maharashtra procures around 139,915 tn tur from farmers at MSP

Maharashtra has so far procured around 139,915 tn tur from 116,245 farmers in the state at the minimum support price of 5,450 rupees per 100 kg. The Centre has approved the state to procure a maximum of 446,800 tn tur under the price support scheme to reduce price volatility in the market. Prices of tur had declined because of a spike in arrivals of the fresh crop, while demand from dal millers has been subdued.

Tur prices down in Akola, Kalaburagi on low demand.

Tur prices in Akola and Kalaburagi fell due to sluggish demand from millers. Trade has been sluggish due to lack of clarity about quantitative restrictions on sale of most pulses. Prices of most pulses have been under pressure for the past few months due to ample supply in domestic market.

Maharashtra govt procures 127,000 tn tur from 105,000 farmers so far

The Maharashtra government has procured 127,000 tn of tur in the season so far from about 105,000 farmers. The state started procuring the commodity after market prices slipped below the minimum support price of 5,450 rupees per 100 kg. Prices fell because of a spike in arrivals of the new crop coupled with subdued demand from millers. The state has also procured 5,434 tn of moong, 58,600 tn urad, 26,200 tn soybean and 400 tn of gram.