Traders peg yellow pea imports at 600,000-650,000 tonne so far FY18.

India has bought 600,000-650,000 tonne yellow peas so far since April, almost the same level as the year-ago period. Roughly 300,000 tonne has been bought for the east coast so far, about 250,000 tonne for Mumbai and Mundra and the rest for other ports. While imports contracted in April were at a landed cost of about $340-$350 a tonne for the west coast, prices have since eased to about $325 a tonne. There is a possibility of prices easing by another $5-$10 a tonne in the coming months, as demand from India is seen lower this year due to ample supplies of other pulses in the country. India’s total pulses output was at a record 22.95 million tonne in the crop year ended June, up more than 40% from previous year.