Uneven distribution of rains in Maharashtra could hit early sown tur crop

Rains in Marathwada and Vidarbha region of Maharashtra has been below normal over the last 5-6 days. This could damage the early sown crop in the region. In north-interior Karnataka sowing so far has been less but is likely to gain pace from first week of July. This year sowing of most pulses could rise in key growing states due to remunerative returns and higher supportive prices approved by the government. Moong and urad sowing may be higher in Karnataka ,Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.   As on Jun 17, sowing of kharif pulses in the country is pegged at 457,700 ha as compared to 221,600 ha in the corresponding period a year ago. Rains in the coming weeks would be crucial for the sowing of pulses in the states.


Pulses prices may witness strength due to improved demand from stockists amid limited supplies.