Barley exports from Russia down 42%.

In February 2017, Russian barley exports turned down again. So, 103.8 KMT of barley was exported from Russia that month, or down almost 30% from the previous month and two and a half times less than exported in February 2016. In the first eight months of the current season, Russian barley exports were down 42% year-on-year at less than 2.1 MMT against 3.6 MMT in July-February 2015/16. Drops are reported in Russian deliveries to almost all of their destinations. This season, the country only increased exports to Lebanon, Morocco and Syria. At the same time, Russia remains the top supplier of barley to Lebanon. Russian exporters have doubled barley shipments to this market in 2016/17 which have already shipped roughly 128 KMT against 62 KMT for the whole 2015/16 marketing year.