Black Mapte or Urad imports estimated to rise in June

Black Mapte or urad imports are likely to have risen in June after the government allowed its import from restricted category to free. Additionally, with the Government to Government agreement with Myanmar to ship 100,000 ton of the commodity, annually for a period of 5 years, is also likely to increase the availability. About 80,000-90,000 tons have been imported in the month of June and the quantity is expected to increase in the coming months. This could weigh on the prices and also adversely impact the sowing of the Kharif urad underway. So far sowing of urad in the country is unchanged from the previous year. The sowing of urad as on July 5, 2021 in some key states is mentioned as below-

Sowing of Urad                (In Hectares)
Key States July–05  (2021) July 05–08  (2020) % Chg
Maharashtra                         277,114                         255,900 8.3%
Madhya Pradesh                         593,000                    11,420,000 -94.8%
Gujarat                           42,470                           20,309 109.1%
Rajasthan                           69,710                           96,900 -28.1%