Farm panel for hike of 440 rupees/100 kg in 2018-19 groundnut MSP

The Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices has recommended a hike of 440 rupees per 100 kg in the minimum support price of groundnut for 2018-19. For 2017-18, the government had fixed the support price of groundnut at 4,450 rupees per 100 kg, including a bonus of 200 rupees. For cotton, another major kharif crop, the panel has recommended a sharp hike of 1,130 rupees per 100 kg. It has suggested increasing the support price of medium-staple cotton to 5,150 rupees per 100 kg from 4,020 rupees a year ago, and that of long-staple cotton to 5,450 rupees from 4,320 rupees.