Kharif update and rainfall pattern in key states –

Kharif sowing in the country as on August 6 is pegged at 9.3 mln hectares, down 2.4% on year. Sowing in most kharif crops has gained pace week on week but are still behind from previous year except for pulses. As per latest update, sowing in cotton is lagging the most, followed by Coarse cereals, oilseeds, grains.

Sowing of soybean in the country is complete. There are reports of potential damage to the sown crop in Rajasthan due to Large Excess rains in key growing regions.


  • kharif Sowing


  • kharif Sowing


(Source: Agricoop; Area in mln hectares)

Soybean acreage down 2.5% on year  

Deficit in the acreage week on week has reduced as on August 5, 2021. Acreage of soybean as on August 5 is pegged at 11.5 mln ha which was 11.22 mln a week ago.

Ø  Acreage of soybean so far in the country is above the 5-year average of 11.04 mln hectares.

Ø  Acreage in MP is pegged at 5.2 mln hectares as on August 5 as compared to 5.8 mln, a year ago. Key districts, Ujjain, Dewas, Sehore, Rajgarh, Dhar, Shahjapur, Vidhisha.

Ø  Currently, heavy rains in the key regions could potentially impact the growth of the crop as water has inundated the fields particularly Rajasthan.

Ø  Farmers have shifted their area from soybean to Urad/black Mapte/black gram and Maize in Madhya Pradesh.

Ø  In Maharashtra, however sowing is up and is pegged at 4.45 mln ha as compared to 4.18 mln,  a year ago. Key districts are Latur, Nanded, Buldhana, Bid, Yavatmal.

Ø  There are reports of damage to the crop in Rajasthan due to heavy rains there. But the potential damage cannot be ascertained.


  • Weekly Sowing Progress - Soybean


Pattern of rainfall in key districts of soybean in MP and Maharashtra is shown below-


  • Rainfall pattern


Maize sowing gained week on week  

Ø  Sowing of maize in the country has improved week on week and is also above last year acreage.

Ø  Sowing is highest in Madhya Pradesh, followed by Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan.

Ø  Rainfall in key maize growing regions of Madhya Pradesh during June 1- August 8 is largely normal to excess except for Dhar district where it is deficit.

Ø  In Karnataka, rainfall is normal to excess in most districts.


  • Weekly Sowing progress - Maize

Pattern of rainfall in key growing districts in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra is shown below.


  • Rainfall pattern


Sowing in Tur up 5% on year 

Ø  Farmers have sown tur in more area as compared to previous year. Overall pulses acreage this week has gained on year.

Ø  Key growing states- Maharashtra, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana.

Ø  Acreage in Maharashtra is 1.27 mln ha as compared to 1.21 mln in the corresponding period a year ago. Sowing in Karnataka this year is tad higher than Maharashtra.


  • Weekly Sowing progress - Maize


  • Rainfall pattern

Source: State Ministry; IMD