Lasalgaon onion prices on the rise amid low supply.

Onion prices in Maharashtra are moving up. Over the past month, the modal prices in the Lasalgaon market have risen 46 per cent owing to higher demand and supply constraints due to crop damage in other parts of the country. At the Lasalgaon market near Nashik, which serves as the bellwether for the bulb, prices rose from rs351-940 per quintal on June 5 to rs500-1,191 on June 20. On July 5, the price reigned at rs 500-1,475, with the modal price at rs 1,250. Crop in States such as Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh had wilted due to excessive heat, resulting in additional demand from Maharashtra. This rally will continue for three months until the new crop arrives in the market. Over the past month, the retail price of onion has increased from rs 20 to rs32.