Arrivals of fresh rabi maize crop have begun in Purnea

Arrivals of the rabi maize crop have begun in Purnea, Bihar’s primary spot market, however, the quantity is minimal and the moisture content is greater than planned. The new crop has a moisture content of 18-19%, which is more than the recommended 14 per cent.

This year’s new harvest arrived sooner than normal due to favourable weather. Around mid-April, the new harvest begins to enter the marketplace. Purnea receives an average of 400 bags (1 bag = 65 kg) of the fresh crop every day. With the arrival of the new crop, prices have plummeted in most marketplaces throughout Bihar.

In Bihar, the new crop is being sold for 2,350 rupees per 100 KGs, while the old crop is being sold for 2,450 rupees. By the second week of April, fresh maize harvest is expected in Nizamabad, another key market centre in Telangana.