Coffee Board cuts 2017-18 crop 9.8% from post-blossom view.

The Coffee Board has lowered its estimate for India’s 2017-18 (Oct-Sep) coffee output by 9.8% from its post-blossom estimate to 316,000 tn. The board also cut its estimate for the country’s Arabica and Robusta production from its post-blossom view by 7.8% and 10.6%, respectively. Of the total coffee output in 2017-18, Arabica production comprised 95,000 tn, and Robusta comprised 221,000 tn. The decline in the country’s coffee output largely stems from a smaller crop in major producers such as Karnataka and Kerala. For Karnataka, the largest coffee grower, the Board has lowered its estimate by 11.7% to 222,300 tn. The Arabica estimate is 69,025 tn, and Robusta 153,275 tn.