FCI Wheat Prices Surge ₹61/quintal Ahead of New Crop Arrival

Food Corporation of India’s e-auction records prices that increase by ₹61/quintal in a month, compared with the minimum support price, amid expectations of an upcoming wheat crop. The spike in the average selling price, which reached ₹2,234.37/quintal, is explained by regular pricing behavior affecting market dynamics as the new crop’s harvest approaches. Over the past month, the average price of FCI wheat in e-auctions has increased by ₹61/quintal, with a substantial gain of ₹39 in the last week. The new crop’s upcoming harvest, which is expected to start in 40–45 days, is thought to be the cause of the spike, which will affect regular price behavior in line with the minimum support price (MSP) of ₹2,275/quintal. The average selling price of wheat in the most recent FCI weekly e-auction was ₹2,234.37/quintal, down from ₹2,194.95 the week before and ₹2,172.94 on December 13.