NAFED has confirmed Chana auctions in the range of 4,753 – 4,850

Chana prices were up due to increased demand from dal millers. NAFED has confirmed auctions in the range of 4,753 – 4,850 rupees per 100 kg on March 24 in Rajasthan (Rabi 2020). Arrivals of Chana in March 1- 24 is pegged at 381,141 ton as compared to 558079 ton in the corresponding period a year ago.

Chana prices in Rajasthan traded at Rs. 5,000 – 5,050 in Delhi. There is no parity from other producing states right now. Yield realization has not been up to the mark so far in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. Market expects around 10 mln tonnes production this year against 13 mln tonnes projected by the government.