Maize Reports


Key Updates:

  • Govt plans to procure more maize to ramp up production of ethanol. According to three officials on Monday, India has plans to increase the amount of maize that is diverted to produce ethanol for the nation's fuel-blending program and to increase output roughly ten times in five years. As part of a plan to address India's demands for biofuels, the Union government has also approved a plan to purchase maize at federally set minimum support prices (MSP) and deliver it to distilleries. As HT has witnessed, the Union government has sanctioned new research projects costing ₹24.51 crore, with the objective of using more maize cultivated sustainably and reducing the nation's reliance on sugarcane-based ethanol over time.
  • Corn May 2024 up 5.25c/bu to 430c/bu;
  • Heat and dryness threaten Southern Africa’s maize harvestHeat and dryness threaten Southern Africa’s maize harvest.