Tur/ Pigeon Pea Sowing Progress, Concern on Domestic Crop

As per recent release (as on 18th Aug 2023), the Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare states that Tur sowing is down by 6.4% to 4091.9 thousand ha. from 4371.8 thousand ha. at the same corresponding period during previous year.

In Karnataka and Maharashtra Tur sowing is down 5.7% and 4.4% respectively year over year basis, which together contributed to 50 to 60 percent of India’s total tur production. In Karnataka, farmers covered 1274.6 thousand ha as compared to 1351.3 thousand ha at the same period during previous year. Whereas in Maharashtra acreage is down by 4.4% at 1104.4 thousand ha. as compared to 1155.0 thousand ha. from previous year.

This year sowing progress is continuously lower than last 5-year minimum sowing week-on-week basis and looking at current situation of monsoon there in no rain occurred in last 7-10 days which halted the sowing of Tur.

After two weeks break, southwest monsoon is predicted to revive from here, after the rainfall deficit reached to 36% in the first fortnight of this month. The cumulative seasonal rainfall during the monsoon season from 1st June to 18th August over the country was 565 mm which is 6% below the normal rainfall of 604 mm. Northwest India have received 8% more showers, while precipitation in Central, East & Northeast and South Peninsula India remain 3%, 20% and 13% deficient during the same period.

This year Tur sowing progress is hovers below 5-year minimum sowing in corresponding week.