Weak Supply Side of Indian Tur, Mozambique likely to impose Minimum Export Price

Mozambique, a major producer of tur in East Africa is trying to impose a minimum export price (MEP) on tur exports. The African nation is likely to witness, new crops in the coming days.

According to IPGA, Mozambique is likely to impose a minimum export price (MEP) of USD 850-900 a tonne on tur FOB, the basis for different quality. This indicates that they are looking to prevail to Indian prices and take advantage of the Indian situation. According to the IPGA, the reasonable price of Mozambique tur is $600-700 per tonne, leading landed prices in Mumbai at around INR 92,000 per tonne.

Indian importers are focusing on African Nations, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, and Sudan to meet the domestic demand. As per trade participants, Indian tur consumption is estimated at around 4.5 million (mln) tonne against the domestic production of 3.43 Mln tonne.

India is likely to import 0.5 Mln tonne of Tur from Mozambique out of the estimated total import of 0.75 mln tonnes to meet its growing demand

Market participants also revealed that high African tur prices could impact the lentil prices.

According to the trade sources, African tur prices moved up to USD 950 a tonne from USD 825 per tonne a month ago. The Myanmar, lemon tur prices has surged to USD 1310 per tonne, its landed price in Chennai is at INR 106,000 a tonne.