As India strives for a 20% blending target, the supply of grain-based ethanol is expected to double

  • By 2025, India’s supply of grain-based ethanol is expected to more than double to 4.23 billion liters. Anoop Kanaujia of the National Sugar Institute stated that the amount of grain-derived ethanol available for fuel blending is anticipated to increase from 2.08 billion liters in 2023–2024 to 4.23 billion in 2024–2025.
  • India, the world’s third-largest fuel ethanol producer, aims to achieve a 20% ethanol-blending rate in gasoline by 2025.
  • As of March 31, India achieved 11.96% ethanol blending in the first four months of supply year 2023-24 (December-November), government data showed.
  • The official said ethanol output with every metric ton of feedstock is higher for grain-based feedstock against that from sugarcane. Broken rice and corn as feedstocks have ethanol output of 420 liters/mt and 380 liters/mt, respectively, but ethanol output from sugar syrup is pegged only at 300-320 liters/mt.
  • Moreover, amid reports of tightening sugar supply, the government already restricted ethanol production from sugarcane juice and B-heavy molasses. The government also restricted total sugar diversion toward ethanol to 1.7 million mt from 3.8 million mt last year.

Source: ukrAgroconsultant