Sugarcane Sowing Progress, Concern on Domestic Crop

As per recent release (as on 18th Aug 2023), the Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare states that sugarcane sowing is up by 1% to 56.0 lakh hectares from 55.3 lakh hectares at the same corresponding period during previous year.

Uttar Pradesh stands out as the leading contributor to sugarcane sowing, with 27.5 lakh hectares. This marks a significant growth of 17% when contrasted with the 23.6 lakh hectares of sowing during the corresponding period of the previous year.

Whereas, Maharashtra takes the second spot among the states, with sowing on 10.5 lakh hectares of land. However, this figure reflects a decrease of 20% when compared to the 13.2 lakh hectares during the same period last year.