The govt. announces 2nd tranche of its 15 LMT domestic sugar allotment for Oct 2023

  • The government released 15 lakh metric tonnes (LMT) of sugar for the second tranche of October’s domestic sales quota.
  • The government had previously released the first tranche of the domestic sales quota, totaling 13 LMT, for October 2023 in a notification that was issued on September 22. The total quota for the month of October is therefore 28 LMT.
  • According to market experts, with the festive season approaching, the government aims to meet demand by releasing quota in tranches.
  • The release of the second tranche will help to keep sugar prices under control. The government is committed to ensuring sugar is available to domestic consumers at a reasonable price.
  • Currently, monthly release quota is being deducted for all the sugar mills which are violating the stock holding limit orders as per the guidelines issued vide order dated 10-08-2023. Further necessary action as per extant provisions under the Sugar Control order 1966 (as amended) is being taken separately.