Barley up in Jaipur on bargain buying.

Barley prices were up in Jaipur because demand from stockists rise after prices hit a one-week low. Lower arrivals also supported barley prices. New crop arrivals of barley were estimated at 100,000 bags (1bag=85kg), compared with 150,000 bags. Futures contracts of barley rise 2% taking positive cues from the spot market in Jaipur.

Barley stocks in Ukraine 24% up year-on-year.

Ukraine reserves of grains and pulses totalled 19.21 MMT as of March1, 2017 that is 18.7% more than at the same time last year (16.19 MMT). Barley inventories are 24% up from last year, amounting to 1.59 MMT (1.28 MMT).

Lima grain barley exported from Pacific Northwest (North America) to South Africa.

Lima grain Europe and Lima Grain Cereal Seeds sent 12 tonnes of the malting barley variety LCS Genie to South Africa for farming and malting purposes. This barley variety high-yielding and passed all the malt tests in the U.S which yields have high with the feed barley. Recently Lima Grain Cereal Seeds has sent varieties to India, Australia and South Africa.

Barley down in Jaipur on low demand, rise in arrivals.

Prices of barley fell down in Jaipur because of less demand from the malt industry, feed sector and stockists. Arrivals of the new crop were pegged at 180,000 bags (1bag=85kg) compared with 170,000 bags. On the NCDEX, the most-active April contract of barley traded down nearly 0.2%.

Japan seek to buy 200,000 tonnes barley via tender.

Japan Ministry of Agriculture said it would buy 200,000 tonnes of feed barley to be loaded by July31 and arrive in Japan by Sept. 29, via a simultaneous buy and sell auction that will be held on April5. The tender is usually conducted weekly, but the ministry skipped the tender this week due to an adjustment at the end of the fiscal year that will end on March31. Japan buys and sells its barley via simultaneous buy and sell auction, in which end-users and importers specify the origin, price and quantity of grain, allowing millers to meet their varied needs for the feed grain.

Barley exports down 23% from last year in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan barley exports turned down in 2017 and 89.8 KMT of this commodity was shipped for export against 148 KMT 2016 (down almost 40%). Thus, Kazakhstan exported 27% less barley in the five months of the current season compared to the same period a year ago (445 KMT against 609 KMT in September-January 2015/16). Iran remains the top market for Kazakh barley with an export share reaching 90%. Shipments of Kazakhstan barley continue to the US market in which U.S. imported 18.5 KMT of barley from Kazakhstan that is almost twice as much as last season. In Kazakhstan, total barley harvest in net weight was 3.2 MMT in 2016, or 18.5% more than in 2015.

Low demand weighs on barley prices in Jaipur.

Barley prices were down in Jaipur because of subdued demand from feed sector and stockists amid rising arrivals of the coarse grain. New crop arrivals of barley were estimated at 170,000 bags (1bag=85kg) compared with 150,000 bags. Supply of barley has been on a rise because new crop arrivals have gained pace. Barley inventories at warehouses more than doubled to 222 tonnes from 101 tonnes the previous day.

Barley prices down in Jaipur as arrivals increased.

Prices of barley fell in Jaipur because arrivals of the grain increased due to low demand from stockists and the feed sector. Arrivals of the new crop were estimated at 150,000 bags (1bag=85kg) compared with 50,000 bags. The most-active April contract of barley on the NCDEX was down 1.16%. Supplies of barley have increased because arrivals of the new crop have gained pace. Limited purchases from malt industries also weighed on prices.

Lower supplies lift barley to 1-week high in Jaipur.

Barley prices hit a one-week high in Jaipur due to lower arrivals and rise in demand from malt industries. Arrivals of the new crop were estimated at 5,000 bags (1bag=85kg) compared with 8,000 bags. Strong demand from stockists and feed sector also supported barley prices. Supplies are lower because farmers are holding their produce in the expectation of prices to rise in the coming days.

Rain and hail flatten ripe crops in Rajasthan.

Heavy rain and hailstones damaged Rabi crops of wheat, barley, cumin, mustard, gram and potato as well as vegetable farms in the countryside that feed Delhi and all major urban centres in western and northern states.

Ukraine barley exports currently up 18% year-on-year.

About 200 KMT of barley was shipped abroad that month which is 8.4 times more than 24 KMT of Feb,2016. Ukraine exported 4670 KMT of barley in July-February of the current season which is 18% more than in the same period in 2015/16 (3964 KMT). Ukrainian barley shipments to the market of Libya also continue expanding and this share in Ukraine barley exports have already reached 19%. Deliveries to Israel increased to 143 KMT that is 65% more than exported there for the entire last season. Exports of Ukrainian barley to Lebanon market hit six times high as much as purchased for the entire marketing year of 2015/16.