The agency has retained masur and peas prices of the previous forecast

Peas prices are estimated at $220-$250 per tn in 2018-19 while masur prices are seen at $420-$450 per tn. Prices of peas and masur in Canada are, however, seen down from last year. In 2017-18, peas prices were at $265 per tn and masur were at $475 per tn. Peas prices are forecast to be lower from the previous year because of higher supplies and lower exports. Supply of peas is estimated at 4.1 mln tn and exports are seen at 2.8 mln tn. Despite a fall in the masur output, prices are likely to fall this year due to expectation of higher supply.

Canada agency sees ’17-18 avg masur price dn on lower India imports

Canada’s farm agency has lowered its forecast for the average price of masur or lentils for 2017-18 (Aug-Jul) because of a fall in demand of the pulse from key consuming countries and higher carry-over stocks. The May report of Agriculture and Agri-Food of Canada sees average prices of masur declining to $470-$500 per tn from $480-$500 per tn seen in April. Carry-over stocks in 2017-18 are estimated to rise to 900,000 tn from 315,000 tn in 2016-17. Prices of the masur are also seen declining in 2018-19 to $420-$450 per tn despite a lower output forecast. The average price of Canadian chana is also forecast to decline to $1,030-$1,060 per tn in 2017-18 from $1,070-$1,100 per tn forecast in April. Average prices are expected to decline due to forecast of higher acreage and production in 2018-19. However, pea prices are estimated to remain unchanged at $240-$270 per tn in 2017-18 as against the April forecast. However, average prices are estimated to fall in 2018-19 to $220-$250 per tn.

Canada Oct-Feb masur export down 70% at 180,700 tn

Exports of masur from Canada since the start of the season in October till February fell 69.6% on year to 180,700 tn. A 30% import duty on masur imposed by India in December, one of the largest buyers, may have led to the fall in exports from Canada. However, exports in February surged 243.6% on month to 51,200 tn. The rise in exports in February has been attributed to robust demand from China, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.


Lentils For 2017-18, Exports are forecast to fall sharply to 1.3 Mt. India, Turkey and United Arab Emirates are currently the top three export markets. Through August to January of this crop year, Canadian lentil exports total over 0.7 Mt, down 56% from this same period in 2016-17. Carry-out stocks are forecast to increase to high levels. The overall average price is forecast to fall sharply due to large carry-out stocks. During the month of February, the on-farm price of large green lentils was unchanged and the price of red lentils fell by C$5/t in Saskatchewan. This was largely due to expectations of a large increase in pulse production for the winter crop in India. Large green lentil prices are forecast to maintain a $375/t premium over red lentil prices, below the record premium from 2016-17.For 2017-18, US lentil production, mostly green types, is estimated by the USDA at 0.34 Mt, down 42% from 2016-17. As a result, Canadian lentil exports to the US to-date (August to January) are higher than last year at this time. For 2018-19, area seeded in Canada is expected to fall to 1.3 Mha, due to lower returns relative to other crops. A higher yield is forecast but production is still expected to fall by 22% to 2.0 Mt. However, supply is expected to rise marginally to 3.1 Mt with large carry-in stocks. Exports are forecast to be higher at 1.8 Mt as markets adjust to the lack of export demand from India. Carry-out stocks are expected to fall. The average price is forecast to decrease from 2017-18 with the assumption of an average grade distribution and discounts for lower grades.

MMTC invites bids for sale of 2,893 tn imported masur

MMTC Ltd has floated a tender to sell 2,893 tn of masur imported from Canada. Minimum offer should be for 250 tn of the pulse. Of the total quantity, 1,018 tn masur is at the Central Warehousing Corp Import & Export Godown in Kolkata and 1,875 tn in Howrah.

MMTC to auction 4,492 metric tonne masoor via NCDEX e-markets

MMTC offer 4,491.50 metric tonne of masoor imported from Canada, 2,665 metric tonne of tur imported from Malawi and Mozambique and 2,633.50 metric tonne of urad imported from Myanmar, for auction through NCDEX e-markets. Pulses, to be auctioned, are stocked at Central Warehousing Corp and other godowns in Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, and Maharashtra.

MMTC invites bids for sale of 7,090 tonne masoor, 2,010 tonne tur.

MMTC Ltd has floated a tender to sell 7,090 tonne imported masoor lying at the Mumbai Port Trust shed. MMTC has also floated tender to sell 2,010 tonne imported tur and 1,965 tonne imported urad. The urad and tur are lying at the Central Warehousing Corp, Vashi and Maharashtra State Warehousing Corp, Panvel. Bids must be submitted on Sep 12. The bids remain valid for acceptance till Sep 14.

Canada masoor exports down 18% on-month in June.

Masoor exports from Canada in June were down 18% on month at 68,600 tonne. Exports were up 128.7% on year-on-year basis. In June last year, the country had exported 30,000 tonne of masoor. However, so far in the marketing year ending in July, the exports were up at 853,100 tonne as compared to 631,400 tonne in the year-ago period. Canada is a major supplier of pulses in the global market, while India is the largest consumer.