Sri Lanka in talks to import rice from three countries.

Sri Lanka has opened immediate talks with three countries (Indonesia, Pakistan, Thailand) to procure a rice tranche to stabilize its domestic markets. Sri Lanka are looking for par-boiled (Nadu) and Samba categories at this moment and can start with 300,000 MT.

Thailand rice trading highest.

Japan International prices of rice are on rise, with Thai rice trading at highest in about three years amid growing demand from Iran. Export prices of grade-A Thai white rice came to $492 a ton in mid-June, up 10% from a month earlier and the highest since August 2014. A big buyer is Iran, which has returned to the international markets after its landmark nuclear deal with six world powers. The Iranian government and corporate buyers in the country got their hands on 40,000 tons to 50,000 tons of jasmine rice and grade-B white rice recently. Thailand rice exporters are eagerly securing supplies for shipment to Iran. Appreciation in the Thai baht is lifting international prices as well.

India rice flat in spot markets.

Prices of rice remained unchanged in the major markets. In Karnal, Haryana, 1121 basmati sella rice was quoted at 5,300-5,400 rupees per 100 kg, while permal raw variety non-basmati rice traded at 2,800 rupees per 100 kg.

Bangladesh issues tender to import 50,000T of rice.

Bangladesh state grains buyer issued its fourth international tender since May, looking to import 50,000 tonnes of parboiled rice as it grapples with depleted stocks and record local prices. The deadline for offers is July 9, with the rice to be shipped within 40 days of signing any deal. Growing demand from Bangladesh will help stoke Asian prices. Ataur Rahman, additional secretary at the food ministry, told Reuters last week, that country import 200,000 tonnes of white rice at $430 a tonne and 50,000 tonnes of parboiled rice at $470 a tonne from Vietnam in a government-to-government deal. Those rates are sharply higher than what it has been paying through previous tenders. Bangladesh is buying 50,000 tonnes of white rice at $406.48 a tonne and 100,000 tonnes of parboiled rice at $427.85 and $445.11 a tonne through tenders.

Dairy body buys 1,500 tonne de-oiled rice bran.

The National Cooperative Dairy Federation of India on Friday bought 1,500 tonne de-oiled rice bran at 1,485 rupees per 100 kg and 300 tonne rice polish at 1,826 rupees through an online auction. The dairy body also bought 600 tonne maize at 1,755 rupees per 100 kg through the auction.

USDA Madagascar 2017/18 rice production down 0.2 MMT from last year.

USDA Madagascar 2017/18 rough rice production is estimated at 3.5 million metric tons, down 0.2 MMT from last year. The estimated output is below the 5-year average due to a severe drought in the central and northern regions of the country where nearly 80 percent of Madagascar rice is grown. Area is estimated at 2.2 million hectares, down 0.2 million hectares from last year due to the drought. Seasonal rainfall during the first half of the rice growing season (November 2016 through February 2017) was the lowest in the past 36 years. The drought in the central and northern parts of the country reduced planting and significantly reduced yields.

India Rice to become expensive post-GST.

From July 1, post-Goods and Services Tax (GST) introduction the rice is set to become expensive by three to five rupees per kilogram. India is the world largest producer of rice apart from Pakistan and Thailand, accounting 20 per cent of world production. As per the GST Act, branded and packaged rice attracts 5 per cent tax, in addition to the tax levied by the state government at 1.5 per cent; the total tax would be 6.5 per cent per kilogram. In fact, the price of all varieties of rice is expected to increase. The rice cultivating states mainly Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal and Punjab will be affected by the change of tax rate. Most of the states are charging only 1.5 per cent tax, this is the first-time rice will get taxed at 5 per cent.

Thailand 2017 rice exports are tipped to reach 11 million tonnes.

Thailand rice exports are likely to hit a record high this year. Thailand 2017 rice exports are tipped to reach 11 million tonnes, the most ever, because of rising demand in rice-importing countries at a time that production in grower countries is falling. Thai 5% broken grade white rice to US$462 (15,684 baht) a tonne, up from last month $416 a tonne.

India Govt ups MSP on paddy.

Govt ups common grade paddy MSP to 1,550 rupees/100 kg. Govt ups fine grade paddy MSP to 1,590 rupees/100 kg. This comes at a time when the country is facing a glut in major crops and vegetables, which had resulted in subdued prices, leading to widespread protests among farmers in major growing states.

Vietnamese Rice prices up in domestic, foreign markets.

The price of Vietnamese rice has increased strongly in both domestic and foreign markets recently because of high demand and limited supply. In the world market, Vietnamese rice is only priced lower than that from Thailand. Jasmine rice is now priced at US$565-570 per tonne, $65-70 per tonne higher than three weeks earlier. VietNam 5 percent broken rice is selling at $410-420 per tonne, up $35-45 per tonne, while 25 per cent broken rice is fetching $25-30 per tonne higher at $370-375 per tonne. Rice prices have also increased in the domestic market by an average of more than VNĐ1 million ($44) per tonne.

Philippine Statistics Authority Rice inventory down 13% in May.

The country rice inventory as of May 1 declined by 13 percent to 3.21 million metric tons (MMT), from 3.69 MMT recorded a year ago. Of the rice inventory as of May 1, the PSA said 46.38 percent were with the households, 45.21 percent were in commercial warehouses, while 8.41 percent were in the NFA depositories. Nearly 75 percent of NFA stocks consisted of imported rice.

India Odisha farmers protest non-procurement of paddy.

Rabi paddy procurement has been paralysed in the backward district as custom millers have stopped work for the past three days as a mark of protest against an order of Odisha Civil Supply Corporation to stop payment of handling charges of Rs 4 per quintal paid to them. Odisha Civil Supply Corporation in its 12 June order discontinued the handling charges paid to the custom millers for delivering the stock of rice at Rice Receiving Centres-cum-Departmental Storage Centres (RRCs-cum-DSCs) and stacking inside the godown. About 2 lakh quintals of Rabi paddy are yet to be procured from farmers. 12.51 lakh quintals of Rabi Paddy have already been purchased in 70 purchasing centers run by 43 Primary Agriculture Cooperative Societies. Delay in procurement of paddy by the state government has become a major problem for the farmers due to the onset of monsoon. They fear that bags of paddy bags stocked at different procurement centres may get spoilt in the rain.

India Rain expedites sowing of paddy in Punjab.

The early morning showers came as a help for paddy farmers who, as per the government instructions, were allowed to start paddy transplantation. The mild showers continued for almost an hour. Hailstones too were reported from few areas surrounding the city. Estimate an area of 1.80 lakh hectares to come under paddy cultivation in this season, nearly 80,000 hectares area would come under basmati varieties.